Body Worn Cameras

C3 is continuously seeking in how to innovate the operational process of our clients. With the body worn cameras we made a next step in the process to more safety. By using the body worn camera you can make videos that can be used as an evidence in court.

It is also an additional tool to protect the persons while on the move or on the street and the team can monitored by a video from a distance. With the help of C3 everything will be clear about the settings for the use of the body cam and more.

Keep also in mind that safety standards are a must, because videos and visuals that are produced need to be treated sensitive and need to be classified.

Why should you use Body Worn Cameras?

  • More recording safety resources in areas that are not covered by other forms of CCTV
  • More public confidence in local and national policing or other security companies
  • More officer skill enhancement through the review of performance at incidents
  • More social behavior by the people in the society, because of the BWC
  • Less assaults on the public or particular safety employees
  • Less complaints and allegations made against security sector
  • Less officer time spent on paperwork and research
  • Less use of the right of silence by the customers in custody

Recording with the Camera
The Body Worn Camera does not save continuously only when you push the button it starts savings what it records. Because of this, people still have their privacy wherever they are until they cross the wrong line. To make sure the full incident is being recorded, the cameras have a feature called pre-recording. Then the camera is continuously filming, but not saving what is being filmed. When you put on the record button, the last 20-50 seconds will be saved as well.

The Body Worn Cameras C3 is providing are made with a sort of watermark that makes it impossible to mess with film material. Because of this application, film material can be used as evidence in trials and in court. Though…Whenever a Body Worn Camera does not feature this watermark, film material cannot be used as evidence.

C3 has a wide selection of Body Worn Cameras in their portfolio. Please contact us for a free demo for your company.

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