Public Safety

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C3 is the preferred communications supplier for public safety professionals. People that rely on communication equipment for their own safety and the safety of the community.


With a wide variety of solutions ranging from special encrypted communications,  emergency dispatch & control centers to totally integrated front-end to back-office fleet management solutions, C3 is a significant and visionary partner for police operations in the Caribbean.


C3 assists the Fire Brigade by using their experience with call dispatch centers and how to use their communication systems in critical situations. We provide emergency communication using the Vingtor-Stentofon intercom and PA solutions at all fire stations.


Due to expertise in the field of reliable, wireless forms of communications and mobile applications, C3 is the ideal partner for rescue vehicles and ambulance services. Especially when there are lives at stake, the communication between dispatch and the ambulances has to be flawless.


Due to our integrated intercom stations inmates have access to light and music control and guards can set off an scream alarm and light signaling in case of an attack. The inmates should not be able to communicate with the world outside of the prison. Therefore, one of our services is to block out unwanted communications such as prisoners using cellular phones.
In case of emergency the control room needs to be able to communicate with the patrolling guards and sending them to the place where they are needed the most. They also got to have the ability to address an individual inmate or an entire public zone. The control room uses all of the intercom stations as their eyes and ears to create a safe environment for guards and the inmates. Besides the intercom systems, C3 has a wide variety of portable radios that meet your needs.

C3 has many years of experience in public safety and is the ideal partner to offer the reliable communications needed for all prison related operations.


By using the solutions from Zenitel Marine, one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine communication solutions, we build complete and integrated communication solutions for ships. Special features include bridge to engine-room communication, Public Address and General alarm, integration of VHF communication to vessels with the TETRA network and real-time GPS tracking of all units. Our radios are used for communication on ships, between ships and between ships and land bases.