C3 Smart

C3 Smart is here to offer smart solutions for your business through an innovative new communication platform. C3 Smart has created a group communication platform that utilizes the variety of ways people communicate and translated it into one easy to use application.

C3 Smart is a user-friendly operating system that works with Android,

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C3 Locator

THE C3 LOCATOR is Web-Based and mobile application vehicle and personal tracking service. By using your own internet browser, it is possible to follow your employees, vehicles or mobile assets live on a detailed map.

Iridium Communications

Iridium voice services are provided via various handsets and installed communications systems on ships, aircraft and land-based vehicles.

Rohill Tetra Infrastructure

TetraNode, Rohill’s TETRA infrastructure solution, uses standard hardware and operating systems to create the most economical and powerful systems currently available on the market.

Airbus Defence and Space TETRA Radios

TETRA handportable and mobile radios, gateway-repeaters and data devices from Airbus Defence and Space are designed for you for voice and data communication. They work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse

Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based intercom system for up to 36 users in total.

Zetron Dispatching

With over 25,000 operator positions installed throughout the world, Zetron systems have been proven across a wide range of markets, including public safety, transportation, and utilities

Icom Radio

Icom is recognized as a reliable 2-way radio brand name around the world. Icom America delivers radio solutions for Amateur, Avionics, Land Mobile and Marine.

Hytera radios

High quality and reliable two-way radios and wireless trunking systems for every environment.

MOTOTRBO™ Digital Two-way Radio System

From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work.

Motorola Tetra Radios

Advanced mission critical communications from the world's largest supplier of TETRA solutions