Newfound partnership increases safety of cash transport & distribution

WILLEMSTAD – Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) and Mactwin Security International recently became partners in selling and servicing cash security solutions in the Caribbean and the north of Latin America. The two companies are leaders in the fields of communication and security solutions. The newfound partnership strives to increase the safety of the transportation and distribution of cash money.

Mactwin Security International
Mactwin Security International, a company based in the Netherlands, designs and delivers cash security solutions for transport companies, banks, and other ATM owners. More than anyone else, Mactwin is familiar with the branches’ criminal risks and current international criminal scenarios, as well as their specific business processes and the relevant external factors. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, Mactwin’s R&D department develops effective products that are adapted to and anticipate today’s and tomorrow’s way of doing things. For more information, please visit:

C3 – Critical Communication Caribbean
For more than 85 years, C3 has been offering critical communication solutions to the public safety sector. As a company, C3 is inspired by the critical nature of its customers’ mission and is continuously motivated by the challenge to deliver innovative solutions to all sectors like hospitality, banking, industry, oil and gas, and healthcare.

C3, formerly known as Zenitel Caribbean, has offices and staff on Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten and Colombia focusing on the Caribbean and Latin America.

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