EHBO Curaçao – critical communications in times of corona

Edsel Pieternella is the Chairperson of EHBO on Curaçao. He has been a volunteer for 40 years and his job is to oversee the general operations of the organization and provide guidance to the volunteers.

EHBO was founded on February 3rd, 1954 by a group of brave citizens who aimed to serve the local community during events or emergencies. Right now the organization consists of a managing board and a hard-working group of volunteers. While they deploy for private and public events, at this moment during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re mostly assisting the different centers of vaccination and are on standby whenever COVID-19 patients need to be transported from the new hospital (CMC) to the old hospital (SEHOS). Their main task at the vaccination centers is the observation of people who have just been vaccinated. If needed, they are able to transport people to the hospital.

In their field of work, communication is crucial. That’s also why they’re extremely happy with the radio’s provided by C3. Every time the radios are used, they always have a pleasant experience. Even in remote places, on the edges of Curaçao, the radios work perfectly.

EHBO aims to grow the organization and provide the best support possible, C3 helps them do so. They’re continuously training their staff, even now during the pandemic, to learn and get accustomed to new gear (COVID proof outfit) for example. Again, they’re very happy with the possibilities that C3 has offered them with their tools. Now even volunteers who are at work can follow along with what is going on in the field. This kind of communication is critical for a seamless operation in times of emergencies.