Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions


Hotels need communication systems to support the frequent addition of users and to improve the connection between staff and hotel management. Hotels typically embark on large expansion projects by increasing the number of rooms and modernizing the hotel’s infrastructure. TASSTA solution is ideal to meet these needs. Its solution supports the instantaneous communication of staff and management within a Hotel using standard smartphones that can be loaded with its T.FLEX application to convert them into two-radio, emergency communication devices. The management team of any high-end hotel is always looking for a real-time communication system that will operate clearly throughout a renovation process – particularly one that function over the noise of the construction – but can also work as the main communication system after the hotel is renovated or re-opened.


Delivery centers should follow the strict formation to abide by in order to provide the daily demands. They are involved with daily strain where enormous demands should be delivered on time. As a communication and delivery platform of a company, some centers afford the possibility to transform the collection of goods into an exciting experience for their customers.


Hospitals and medical centers are 24/7 facilities where there is continuous activity to care and treat patients. The world’s leading hospitals are always recognized for high-quality patient care - that is the barometer for excellence.


We know what it takes to provide safe and secure communication in harsh environments.

Public Safety

C3 is the preferred communications supplier for public safety professionals. People that rely on communication equipment for their own safety and the safety of the community.

Building Security

The most basic, yet profound, need for any organization is clear communication. We define the term “critical” as any situation where the need to hear, be heard, and be understood, is paramount.

Oil & Gas

Because all projects are unique in the Oil and Gas industry, merely providing hardware and software is not enough to ensure the success of an individual project.


Our Vingtor-Stentofon brand is world renowned for its extensive knowledge in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of integrated marine communication systems.

Transport & Logistics

We make journeys safe and effective for people and goods on the move. Our solutions within the transportation sector offer integrated communication for security announcements and alerts, and make it easier and safer for you to get from A to B.