Person Protection

To control and protect people is one of the services a security firm can offer their customers. With the tracking solution of C3 in combination with instant communication, C3 can offer a customized and specific solution. Depending on the need it can be defined and monitored.

Solutions C3 can offer are:

C3 LOCATOR: The C3 LOCATOR is a web-based and mobile application vehicle and personal tracking service. By using your own internet browser, it is possible to follow your employees, vehicles and other mobile assets live on a detailed map. Several reports on vehicle behavior can be used to assist in optimizing your business to save you money. Alert functions allow you to set alarms on speed limits, fuel consumption, theft and entering or leaving user defined fields. The C3 Locator service also includes different types of maps and services.
ATTENTI: Attentiā€™s Electronic Monitoring System offers an end-to-end solution for law enforcement and correctional agencies to manage and monitor criminal offenders. The main purpose of the system is to monitor offenders who might be in full-time custodial care awaiting trial, convicted criminals serving a sentence outside a detention center or those who have been released from a custodial sentence early. All of these offenders are placed on monitoring programs with a predefined set of conditions.