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Security & Surveillance

With installation of the latest surveillance systems, automation, alarm technologies and cameras, C3’s comprehensive security management systems offer effective solutions for the growing security challenges in today’s onshore and offshore operating environment. With advanced technologies implementation C3 always satisfy our clients’ expectations through quality performance when our security solutions contain comprehensive safety and security frameworks with the objective to ensure a secure working environment and the security of the client’s assets.

Solutions C3 can offer are:

C3 Smart: C3SMART is an affordable, modern-day solution to all your critical business communications needs. Besides our signature PTT voice solution that can be used as an expansion to Tetra, C3SMART also includes features ranging from live location tracking, maps, task management, data, file exchange, and much more to assist in all your business needs. All of this is easily accessible to anyone thanks to our unique smartphone and desktop app.
Security cameras: C3’s partner Hanwha is a leading manufacturer in the security industry. Hanwha offers video surveillance products including IP cameras, storage devices and management software. C3 offers end-to-end security solutions and has achieved global success across a wide range of industry verticals including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality and airports.