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Nurse Calling System

IoT devices in healthcare will grow exponentially in the coming years. C3 provides tools to analyze alarm activity to improve patient care. Direct communication, fall prevention measures, and streamlined workflow mean the patient’s experience is optimized in every way. The solution can be tailored to support your processes and how your nurses work. Create workflow profiles that capture all relevant metrics and add functions over time to support care initiatives.

Solutions C3 can offer are:

Austco: C3 with Austco ensures that specific calls are assigned directly to a staff member via voice, SMS, or mobile, instead of overhead paging with the solution called Tacera. Tacera can route alarms from a variety of devices – including pumps, ventilators, and beds – directly to the appropriate caregiver, significantly reducing overhead alarms. Clinical workflow is one of the most powerful additions to a Nurse Call System, and is available with Tacera.