CIT Protection

Cash handling has many aspects, from delivering money, servicing ATMs and transporting money to counting and sorting it. Each part of this process has different risk moments, positions, and attack methods. Money trucks and the money runner are still regularly the target of an attack. C3 has the solution to demotivate these attacks by introducing a smart solution with irreversible value mutilation.

Solutions C3 can offer are:

MactwinBox: MactwinBox is the intelligent valuables transport case that always fits seamlessly into your CIT processes, regardless of whether you have armored vehicles or not. With the High Energy corruption method in the MactwinBox, only worthless leftover money remains after activation. Both the size and weight of the banknotes have been compromised, so that criminals can no longer exchange them at a retailer or ATM. The reliability and low TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) of the MactwinBox are unmatched. And thanks to the modular structure, you only choose and pay for the modules on options that you actually need and that match your processes.