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Blogs & Video

What is R&D Department by C3’s intern Luis Wansing

Let us introduce you to Luis Wansing, intern in the Research & Development Department of C3. Luis will explain what the R&D Department at C3 do and how it help C3's clients.

Iridium – Time to Test Your Satellite Phone!

The Test Your Satellite Phone program was established by Iridium to support first responders, emergency workers, government agencies and anyone else who might be in a life-threatening situation with communications you can count on, whenever you need them. By following these quick steps, you can ensure the operational status of your satellite devices, and be better prepared for a sudden emergency.

Innovating Hospitality operations

We've had the pleasure of interviewing Irina Simkina, Business Development Manager at TRBOnet Solutions. Watch this video to understand why TRBOnet is important for the automation and daily operations of the hospitality industry.

Body Worn Cameras

C3 is continuously seeking in how to innovate the operational process of our clients. With the body worn cameras we made a next step in the process to more safety. By using the body worn camera you can make videos that can be used as an evidence in court.

It is also an additional tool to protect the persons while on the move or on the street and the team can monitored by a video from a distance.

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The Panic button explained by C3’s Raychel Mattheeuw

Let us introduce you to Raychel Mattheeuw. Raychel is the Network & Service Manager of C3. He already works 23 years for the C3 and is expert when it comes to Critical Communication Solutions. We interviewed Raychel about the panic button; an important feature of the NEW Motorola MTP 3550

What is a panic button and how does it function?

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Motorola MTP3550 – innovation in Radio Communication

For many years C3 forms a great team with Motorola to provide the best global radio communication. Recently Motorola launched the Motorola MTP3550, a Tetra Rugged 2-way radio with color display and full keypad, delivering the highest performance and dependability required for enhanced workforce productivity and assured user safety.

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