C3 Aruba Moved to a New Office!

We are thrilled to announce that C3 Aruba has officially relocated to a brand-new office space!

🏠 Our New Address: Barcadera 4, Aruba

This move represents an exciting milestone for us, and we can’t wait to share our journey from this fantastic new location. The new office at Barcadera 4 is a step towards greater opportunities and better service for our clients and partners.

We invite you to visit us at our new address and look forward to welcoming you here. Stay tuned for more updates as we settle in and make this space our own.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to create new memories and successes in our new home!

Zenitel Appoints C3 as a Center of Excellence for the Americas

Zenitel, the leading provider of Intelligent Communications solutions, has named C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) as its new Center of Excellence (CoE) for safety and security market in the Americas region.

C3, with offices in Bogota, Bonaire, Curaçao, Aruba and St Martin, is a market leader in audio and data communications. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. For more than 90 years it has provided security and safety solutions to first responders in the public safety, healthcare, retail, hospitality industry, prisons, airports, and more.

Within Zenitel Americas, C3 will be a key part of its Latin America growth strategy for its intelligent communication solutions that consist of intercoms, IP speakers, and more that allow people to hear, be heard and be understood, in virtually any environment.

“We rely on strong partners to communicate the value of always including audio and intercom in security and safety solutions,” says Dan Rothrock, President of Zenitel Americas. “The C3 team’s knowledge and experience with audio solutions is a perfect fit for Zenitel, and we are excited to work with them in the Latin American and Caribbean markets.”

“At C3, we focus on offering critical communication solutions,” says Bert Schreuders, Managing Director of C3. ‘We are inspired by the challenge of developing innovative solutions to our customers. C3 is an ISO certified company with a dedicated team of experts. We make every opportunity a true success story, and therefore, are proud to share with you the honorable recognition that our Zenitel factory has given us as a Center of Excellence in Latin America.”

“We will remain focused on providing solutions that improve communications, even in the most challenging environments,” adds Andrea Velandia, Sales Account Manager of C3. “Latin America is a region that adopts good technological practices and is constantly growing. Each market and each country face very different challenges, and we are prepared to support them in this journey of continuous improvement. This recognition not only marks an important milestone in C3, but also in the entire region.”

With the addition of C3 as its Center of Excellence, Zenitel will move into a much stronger position to cater the critical communication needs of its customers in Latin America.

About the Zenitel Group

Zenitel is the leading provider of Intelligent critical communication solutions that allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in every situation. Zenitel solutions are designed to cater safety & security needs of both onshore and offshore markets. Zenitel solutions are also great in integrating with other systems and solutions in a seamless way. To find more about us visit https://www.zenitel.com

C3 turns to ATDI to validate their mission-critical networks

Leading Caribbean critical communication provider Critical Communication Caribbean B.V. (C3) turns to ATDI to validate their mission-critical networks.
With government and public safety agencies under pressure to support growing demands for connectivity and network capacity, critical comms providers must leverage network performance improvements across their existing networks.

C3 purchased flagship RF planning software, HTZ to manage their coverage needs across the Dutch Caribbean islands; Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saint Martin, Saba and Saint Eustatius. C3 had previously outsourced network management but felt that improvements would be better managed inhouse. Public safety networks must balance the different coverage needs of users and provide 100% coverage at all times for emergency services. The C3 team use HTZ to run network simulations to test the network resilience and to undertake RF interference studies, modelling the impact of antenna changes and to identify where coverage can be improved.

Senior RF engineer, Raychel Mattheeuw says, ‘HTZ is essential to ensuring our network meets the challenges of this demanding industry. Key network performance indicators like coverage and clear voice comms are better managed using this technology-neutral software solution. Added to that, the custom training course enabled us to hit the ground running and make improvements at speed.’

HTZ features a traffic and mobility profile editor to limit access for low-priority users to free up resources for higher priority users during an emergency. Its propagation models perform coverage calculations to a high level of accuracy without the need to automatically model tune. And, the automatic model tuning module, which can be used at the calibration stage to improve the final AFP results can be used when drive test measurements are available. The key functions of HTZ Communications include:

  • Interference management including interference calculations, automated handovers, neighbour list planning and analysis;
  • Capacity management and coverage planning;
  • Automated frequency and site planning and optimisation
  • Automatic device assignment to allocated the required number of traffic channels required.

National public safety networks have seen a spike in growth with many organisations looking to the benefits of private LTE/5G networks to meet their needs. This was particularly important during the pandemic when temporary coverage for pop-up test centres and field hospitals required wireless connectivity. For more information about planning private LTE/5G networks, view our webinar recording (insert recording link).


For over 90 years, C3 has been delivering critical communication solutions to first responders, commercial entities, airports, healthcare industry, prisons and more in the (Dutch) Caribbean. Their customers include public safety organisations and commercial entities like shops, banks and logistic organisations. Their innovative, technology proven solutions include radio communication, control rooms, intercom systems, video surveillance and tailor-made integrated solutions. C3 is committed to deliver performance according to high quality standards and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 certified. Their highly experienced staff support businesses with automation and cost saving solutions. Learn more about C3: www.c3.cw.


Software solutions to plan, model and optimise secure and resilient mission-critical networks. HTZ supports reliable networks and allows operators to easily migrate to broadband connectivity and emerging technologies. Key features include coverage and capacity planning, site parameters and neighbour planning for TETRA/PMR/DMR/P25 and PS-LTE and other mobile technologies.

We made changes to our General Terms and Conditions

We would like to inform you that we made some changes to our General Terms and Conditions as of December 1st, 2021. Would you like to view or download it? You can do that via the link below. The most important changes to the General Terms and Conditions are:

We would like to inform you that we made some changes to our General Terms and Conditions as of December 1st, 2021. Would you like to view or download it? You can do that via the link below:

The most important changes to the General Terms and Conditions are:

  • Name change from Zenitel to C3- Critical Communication Caribbean BV
  • General Terms and Conditions specified per entity (Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, and St. Maarten)
  • Article 7.1 concerning liability for damage


Do you have any questions regarding the changes to the General Terms and Conditions? Please contact your account manager by phone, email, or WhatsApp via +5999 737-2477. You can also email us at info@c3.cw. Our account managers are happy to assist you.

We hebben onze Algemene Voorwaarden gewijzigd

Wij willen u er graag op attenderen dat we een wijziging hebben doorgevoerd, per 1 december 2021 op onze Algemene Voorwaarden. Wilt u deze inzien of downloaden? Dat kunt u doen via onderstaande links:

De belangrijkste wijzigingen in de Algemene Voorwaarden zijn:

  • Naamswijziging van Zenitel naar C3- Critical Communication Caribbean BV
  • Algemene Voorwaarden gespecificeerd per entiteit (Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, and St. Maarten)
  • Artikel 7.1 betreffende aansprakelijkheid voor schade


Heeft u vragen naar aanleiding van de wijzigingen in de Algemene Voorwaarden? Neem dan contact op met uw accountmanager via telefoon, email, of WhatsApp via +5999 737-2477. U kunt ons ook mailen naar info@c3.cw. Onze accountmanagers helpen u graag.

C3 sponsors Curacao Cycling Events for multiple events

On November 14th, C3 sponsored Curacao Cycling Events on Curacao. The event is from a foundation that was established in 2019, with the aim of preserving and promoting cycling and mountain biking competitions on Curacao. In total, there were two different events that took place. The Coral Estate Classic on November 7th and The Curaçao Duo Xtreme on November 14th.

C3 sponsored the foundation with the Tetra network because they needed communication all over the island. Aside from the communication, they also received sponsorship for a timing system.

At the beginning of 2021, C3 started designing its own timing system. With the help of the Research & Development Department and Technical Department, they designed this system together to provide the sports community with a high-end timing solution.

C3: 90 years of critical communication in the Caribbean

On June 8th, Critical Communication Caribbean celebrates a remarkable milestone. Exactly 90 years ago on that date, the company was established on the then still existing Netherlands Antilles. A lot has changed over the course of those 90 years, but C3’s goal has always remained the same: providing reliable means of communication in every situation.

The tech of back in the day: Morse code
The first means of worldwide radio communication was Morse code, which made it possible to stay in contact with ships and overseas territories. The company was known as Radio Holland (not to be confused with the present-day Radio Holland, which is a ‘distant cousin’), and became a household name on Curacao. In its heyday, in the 1960s and 70s, the company employed hundreds of workers.

Pioneers in police radio
As technology advanced over the years, the company installed the first analogue radio network for the Netherlands Antilles Police Force. This network enabled the police force, the fire department and other critical services to communicate with one another better than ever before.

Digital breakthrough
In the 1990s, Radio Holland was acquired by SAIT Zenitel, and investments were made in the first digital radio trunking network of the Caribbean. This network, commonly known as ‘Chuchubi’, was another leap forward as far as possibilities and reliability go.

Investments and innovation
In 2015, C3 was the first company on the radar of the then recently founded Curacao Growth Fund, which aims to create value through high-quality investments. Soon after, investments were made in a new digital TETRA network and a beautiful new office building in Emmastad. This building is a visual representation of what has been C3’s core value for 90 years: innovation with due respect for the past.

International awards and certification
In 2019, C3 was awarded the prestigious International Critical Communications Award 2019 in the category ‘Outstanding Example of After-Sales Support’. In addition, it was shortlisted for the award for ‘Best Use of Mission-Critical Communications During a Major Event’. C3 received further recognition by means of the ISO 9001


For questions about this press release, please contact:
Critical Communication Caribbean (C3)
Astryd Poulina, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Astryd.Poulina@c3.cw of +5999 527 1402

Looking forward instead of looking back
C3 will continue to invest and expand. Through its rapid development of technology, C3 offers solutions not only to critical services, but also to the hotel industry, the transport sector, industrial organizations and other partners to whom reliable communication is of vital importance. C3 continuously monitors the latest technologies, thus making sure that companies, governments and institutions can function and remain in communication, no matter the circumstances.

Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) has branches in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Colombia. The company has 32 full-time employees and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Curacao Growth Fund.

EHBO Curaçao – critical communications in times of corona

Edsel Pieternella is the Chairperson of EHBO on Curaçao. He has been a volunteer for 40 years and his job is to oversee the general operations of the organization and provide guidance to the volunteers.

EHBO was founded on February 3rd, 1954 by a group of brave citizens who aimed to serve the local community during events or emergencies. Right now the organization consists of a managing board and a hard-working group of volunteers. While they deploy for private and public events, at this moment during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re mostly assisting the different centers of vaccination and are on standby whenever COVID-19 patients need to be transported from the new hospital (CMC) to the old hospital (SEHOS). Their main task at the vaccination centers is the observation of people who have just been vaccinated. If needed, they are able to transport people to the hospital.

In their field of work, communication is crucial. That’s also why they’re extremely happy with the radio’s provided by C3. Every time the radios are used, they always have a pleasant experience. Even in remote places, on the edges of Curaçao, the radios work perfectly.

EHBO aims to grow the organization and provide the best support possible, C3 helps them do so. They’re continuously training their staff, even now during the pandemic, to learn and get accustomed to new gear (COVID proof outfit) for example. Again, they’re very happy with the possibilities that C3 has offered them with their tools. Now even volunteers who are at work can follow along with what is going on in the field. This kind of communication is critical for a seamless operation in times of emergencies.

Our new Industry Solutions are live

WILLEMSTAD – The new Industry Solution section on the website of C3 – Critical Communication Caribbean has been renewed. The update ensures a smoother user experience while browsing through the catalog with different industries and solution categories that C3 offers.

The new Industry Solution section of the website displays various industries that were not displayed on the previous version of the section. This was mainly due to the continuously evolving nature of the company. To try out the new Industry Solution, please go to:


C3 obtains ISO 27001 certificate for information security

WILLEMSTAD – C3, which among other things is the supplier of radio communications to the police, fire brigade and ambulance, is now ISO 27001:2017 certified. Last Thursday, C3 director Bert Schreuders received the certificate from Zita Jesus-Leito, the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning. The certification means that C3 complies with strict international requirements for information security.

Reliable partner
“This agreement gives an important signal that our customers can rest assured that their sensitive and confidential data will be properly handled.”, according to C3 director Bert Schreuders. “We have taken measures against information security risks to mitigate breaches of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.”

Continuous improvement
“Our information security policy prevents errors and contributes to proactive detection of information security risks. In case something should go wrong, there is a clear protocol, so the error will be corrected as quickly as possible”, according to C3 Quality Assurance Manager Mita Filesia. “We are proud of our certifications and work on improving our processes every day, for ourselves and for our customers.”

Recognized worldwide
‘NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 27001:2017’, as it is written in full, is an internationally recognized standard for information security. The certification audit was carried out by QualityMasters, the independent certification authority that provides ISO audits in the Dutch Caribbean.

About C3
C3 (formerly known as Zenitel) has been offering critical communication solutions for more than 80 years. Since 2005, C3 owns and operates a mission critical TETRA network (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) for the police, fire brigade, ambulance, refineries, prisons, airports, ports and other organizations that require instant communication, even if, for example, the regular telephone network should fail. At C3, everything revolves around innovation, renovation and improvement. Hence the extensive product portfolio for different industries, including C3 Smart, C3 Locator, RFID, smart cameras and more. All these solutions are supported by leading brands, such as Motorola, Hytera, Ruggear, Attenti and Iridium. C3 applies and supports the latest technologies from its offices in Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, St. Maarten and Colombia. The result is reliable communication, everywhere and in any situation.

Newfound partnership increases safety of cash transport & distribution

WILLEMSTAD – Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) and Mactwin Security International recently became partners in selling and servicing cash security solutions in the Caribbean and the north of Latin America. The two companies are leaders in the fields of communication and security solutions. The newfound partnership strives to increase the safety of the transportation and distribution of cash money.

Mactwin Security International
Mactwin Security International, a company based in the Netherlands, designs and delivers cash security solutions for transport companies, banks, and other ATM owners. More than anyone else, Mactwin is familiar with the branches’ criminal risks and current international criminal scenarios, as well as their specific business processes and the relevant external factors. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, Mactwin’s R&D department develops effective products that are adapted to and anticipate today’s and tomorrow’s way of doing things. For more information, please visit: www.mactwincashsecurity.com.

C3 – Critical Communication Caribbean
For more than 85 years, C3 has been offering critical communication solutions to the public safety sector. As a company, C3 is inspired by the critical nature of its customers’ mission and is continuously motivated by the challenge to deliver innovative solutions to all sectors like hospitality, banking, industry, oil and gas, and healthcare.

C3, formerly known as Zenitel Caribbean, has offices and staff on Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten and Colombia focusing on the Caribbean and Latin America.

For more information contact our representatives here:

Contact us

C3 wins International Critical Communications Award 2019

WILLEMSTAD – On Tuesday, June 18th, C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) was announced as the winner of the International Critical Communications Award 2019 in the category ‘Outstanding Example of After-Sales Support’. C3 received the prestigious award because of its important work during and after hurricanes Irma and Maria on St. Maarten, for which it was also nominated in the category ‘Best Use of Mission-Critical Communications During a Major Event’. The award was accepted by Bert Schreuders, Managing Director of C3, during a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr. Schreuders dedicates the prize to C3’s entire St. Maarten team and states “To receive this international recognition for this accomplishment is a tremendous honor. I also want to recognize Rohill, as the supplier of our robust Tetra network to make this possible.”

Why did C3 receive this award?
On September 6th, 2017, the islands of St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba were devastated by Irma, a category-5 hurricane with winds of 182-mph. Two weeks later, a second category-5 hurricane followed, bearing the name Maria. Essential communication on St. Maarten was hampered by lack of power, back-up batteries that ran out and generators needing to be refueled under difficult circumstances. The devastation and chaos had shocked the community, which made it hard for authorities to maintain safety and order. Three hours after Irma (as soon as the government provided clearance), C3 took action and – after a lot of hard work – successfully re-enabled emergency services to communicate without interruption. This helped the entities to coordinate their actions, deal with urgent situations, maintain law & order in the face of trauma, combat vandalism, and even save lives. According to the judges, C3 has shown “the critical skills and knowledge to deal with major events like category 5 storms”.


About the International Critical Communications Awards 2019
Organized by MA Exhibitions, in association with The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the ICCAs are regarded as the most sought-after recognition in critical communications. Celebrating innovation, excellence, and execution in mission-critical communications, the International Critical Communications Awards recognize products, organizations, and individuals who push the boundaries of technological capabilities.

About C3
C3 (previously known under the name Zenitel) has been active in critical communication for 80 years. Since 2005, it has been facilitating a TETRA network (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) for police and fire departments, ambulance services, refineries, prisons, air- and seaports, and other organizations that need to be able to communicate under all circumstances, even when conventional networks are down. This C3 TETRA network was modernized in 2017 to continue secure mission-critical communications for the public safety sector in the Dutch Caribbean. C3 has offices on Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. It represents leading brands such as Motorola, Sepura, Hytera, and Iridium. C3 is committed to continuous innovation, modernization, and improvement. This is why it always utilizes the latest technologies. The result is reliable communication, anywhere and in any situation.

More information about the organization is available at www.C3.cw


If you have any questions about this press release, please contact:
Critical Communication Caribbean (C3)
Leidy Girigori, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager

Leidy.girigori@c3.cw or +5999 6703304

ISO-certification C3 confirms quality in critical communication

WILLEMSTAD – On Monday, February 11th, the Minister of Economic Development, Steven Martina, presented the ISO 9001 certificate to the Director of Critical Communication Caribbean (C3). C3, the supplier of radio communication for police, fire brigade, and ambulance, is now officially ISO 9001:2015 certified. The achievement of this certification means that C3 meets the strict international requirements for quality management. This is important as C3 provides solutions which customers always have to rely on, especially in the event of calamities.

Reliable communication partner

“Reliability and quality are our priority. We see the achievement of this ISO-certification as an official confirmation to our customers that we truly deliver what we promise”, according to C3 director Bert Schreuders. “We are looking continuously for improvement opportunities.

High-quality, transparency and future-oriented

“This is really an asset for our society and especially during critical moments, C3 must ensure continuity”, according to Minister Steven Martina. “Continuous quality improvement is part of our vision. Therefore, we did not only implement this quality system, but we also worked hard to make the organization ‘ready for change”, in order to be able to respond to the evolving needs of our customers.”, according to C3 Quality Assurance Manager Mita Filesia.

What is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015?
NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management. “This standard ensures that our products & services are safe, reliable and of good quality. In addition, it can be used to evaluate if the organization complies with the requirements of the customer, law and regulations and the organization itself”, according to Dik Roeland of Quality Masters, the independent certification authority that is in charge of this certification.

About C3

C3 (formerly known as Zenitel) has been offering critical communication solutions for more than 80 years. Since 2005, C3 owns and operates a mission-critical TETRA network (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) for the police, fire brigade, ambulance, refineries, prisons, airports, ports and other organizations that require to communicate instantly, even if, for example, the regular telephone network fails. C3 has offices in Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. C3 represents leading brands, such as Motorola, Airbus Defence & Space, Hytera, Icom and Iridium. At C3 everything revolves around innovation, renovation and improvement. It uses the latest technology resulting in reliable communication, everywhere and in every situation.

For more information about C3 can be found on www.c3.cw


In case of questions about this press release, you can contact :

Critical Communication Caribbean (C3)
Leidy Girigori, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager

Leidy.girigori@c3.cw or +5999 6703304

Politie BES zet intelligente datacommunicatie in

voor een veiliger Caribisch Nederland

Het Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland (KPCN) heeft een succesvolle pilot afgerond met de “hosted” turnkey solutions van Motorola. Door de inzet van intelligente datacommunicatie heeft het korps sneller een goed beeld van kritieke situaties en hebben ze de mogelijkheid sneller en efficiënter te handelen tijdens deze kritieke momenten. De pilot is uitgevoerd in samenwerking met Motorola Solutions en hun partner in het Caribisch gebied, Critical Communication Caribbean (C3). C3 voorziet onder andere de veiligheidssector in de regio van toegang tot speciaal ontworpen mobiele applicaties die bijdragen aan de publieke veiligheid.

KRALENDIJK, BONAIRE: Het Politiekorps van Caribisch Nederland heeft in samenwerking met Motorola en partner C3 een succesvolle pilot afgerond waarbij gebruik gemaakt wordt van intelligente datacommunicatie.  Deze pilot heeft wederom succesvol aangetoond dat snelheid, inzicht en nauwkeurigheid van essentieel belang zijn wanneer het gaat om kritieke communicatie.  De gebruikte mobiele applicaties en systemen tijdens de pilot, onder andere het LTE draagbare toestel LEXL10, zorgen ervoor dat het politieteam efficiënter en effectiever kan reageren op en tijdens kritieke situaties.

“We zijn zeven maanden geleden gestart met een testperiode en binnen korte tijd zagen we al de positieve impact van deze samenwerking met C3. Het inzetten van intelligente datacommunicatie in de pilot, zoals bijvoorbeeld mapping, whiteboard communicatie en push-to-talk oplossingen, had direct een positief resultaat op onze veiligheidsmissie en onze doelstellingen als organisatie. Door de samenwerking met C3 & Motorola en het inzetten van deze nieuwe diensten, zijn we voorloper op het gebied van publieke veiligheidsoplossingen en -communicatiemiddelen, zonder dat we daar enige initiële investering voor hoefden te doen op het gebied van nieuwe servers en datacentra. Nu kunnen we op een veilige manier en over de bestaande breedbandnetwerken intelligente data en kritische informatie “real-time” gebruiken, verspreiden en verkrijgen.”, aldus W. Baker, KPCN Saba.

Door de inzet van nieuwe publieke veiligheidsapplicaties en -producten is een effectieve manier gevonden om kritische intelligente data te delen tussen de agenten en officieren in het veld, het personeel in de meldkamer of op het kantoor.  Nu werkt het politieteam met verschillende netwerken en apparatuur, die aan elkaar gekoppeld zijn. Dit geeft hun de mogelijkheid om ‘real-time’ samen te werken, te communiceren en informatie te delen via mobiele applicaties en producten. Hierdoor wordt er veel tijd bespaard en kan er sneller een oplossing gevonden of actie ondernomen worden.

Het servicepakket dat in de pilot is ingezet biedt onder andere Een push-to-talk oplossing, waarbij met 1 druk op de knop het korps veilig via het mobiele netwerk met elkaar kunnen communiceren. Met deze applicatie kan ook een connectie gemaakt worden met de portofoons die de politie op dit moment gebruikt. Ook biedt het een Mapping optie. Deze oplossing draagt bij aan efficiënte locatie-gebonden samenwerking.  Het team krijgt door mapping een goed beeld van agenten die in de buurt zijn van de betreffende locatie of het -incident bevinden. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om direct via een geo-fence te communiceren met de agenten in het betreffende gebied. Je kan dus contact maken met de agent(en) die bijv. 2km verder op zijn, zonder dat het nodig is te moeten weten wie deze agent is. Met de messaging tool kunnen eerstehulpdiensten op een veilige manier tekstboodschappen en foto’s met individuen of groepen binnen het korps delen via hun smartphone, wat zorgt voor snellere en efficientere communicatie. En daarnaast kunnen agenten via de whiteboarding tool interactief samenwerken door het delen van media en informatie gedurende tactische activiteiten. De whiteboard tool biedt de mogelijkheid om samen te werken aan grafische weergaves. Hierin worden nu bijvoorbeeld responsplannen en situatieschetsen gemaakt die kunnen worden gekoppeld aan een locatie op de landkaart en kunnen worden bijgewerkt op hun mobiele apparaten.

Tijdens de pilot is gebruik gemaakt van de Motorola Solution LEX L10, een speciaal ontworpen toestel voor de publieke veiligheid. Momenteel worden er in totaal 30 toestellen ingezet bij het politiekorps in BES Caribisch Nederland die werkzaam is op Bonaire, St. Eustatius en Saba. De nieuwe apparatuur is geïntegreerd met het bestaande netwerk, zodat bij het gehele korps de samenwerking en onderlinge interactie versterkt en versnelt kon worden.

Media Contact is:  Leidy Girigori, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Critical Communication Caribbean (C3)
+5999 670-3304 / leidy.girigori@c3.cw

Launch C3 Partnership with Iridium

On Tuesday June 19th Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) St. Maarten officially launched its partnership with Iridium; the leading satellite communications supplier.

Partnership with world leader in satellite communication vital to prepare for hurricane season

Philipsburg, On Tuesday June 19th Critical Communication Caribbean (C3) St. Maarten officially launched its partnership with Iridium; the leading satellite communications supplier. “This is a great milestone for C3, as the catastrophic hurricane Irma last year has shown us that communication is crucial in mission-critical situations and to ensure safety. It is our mission to guarantee the highest standards of continuity when it comes to mission-critical communication”, says Bert Schreuders, Managing Director of C3.

For the launch of Iridium, C3 invited Roberto Darias, Director of Business Development at Iridium to provide an expert session and live demo of the Push-To-Talk (PTT) solution to the guests.

The addition of Iridium solutions to the portfolio of C3 is the next step in creating ‘communication redundancy,’ especially in cases where all public communication is down or destroyed. The benefits of Iridium are that it offers low latency service, truly global coverage and network redundancy; satellites are always moving and there is availability of 9 in-orbit replacements.

Even though satellite phones have been known for many years, the diversity of services has broadened now, where C3 is mostly focusing on the PTT and data services via satellite. In moments where safety depends on communication C3’s customers need to communicate instantly to their teams, sometimes it is a matter of life and death; Iridium makes this possible in any situation, and wherever you are.

The hurricane season has already begun, and everyone wants to be prepared; therefore, C3’s partnership with Iridium comes at the right time.

New year, new office!

WILLEMSTAD: For the past 80 years, C3, formerly known as Zenitel and Radio Holland, offered communication solutions that are of great importance to the public sector. The organization continues to grow and is continuously expanding and improving its services. Not only in Curaçao, but also in Aruba, Sint Maarten, the BES islands and Anguilla, where C3 has its own TETRA network; but also in the rest of the Caribbean and the northern region of Latin America. According to director mr. Bert Schreuders, the organization is very grateful to its customers, who have trusted Zenitel and later C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) for the past eight decades. According to Schreuders, “Many people still have to get used to the name change from Zenitel to C3. But the expertise we offer the customer and the heart we have for what we do is intact. That’s the best we can offer our customers in exchange for their loyalty. C3 continues to grow and our clients will further grow with us.”

New Year, New Office
Management and staff are extremely excited about moving to the new C3 office on the Margrietlaan in Emmastad. Thanks to the central location of the new office building, C3 is easily accessible; and for the first time has a workshop of its own, where the installation of equipment can take place. The new office also has a technical wing that was created especially to better serve the client. Architects from Contemporary Design Curaçao and Babranis have done a fantastic job in designing a modern building for C3- located on a prime location in Emmastad; this neighborhood, just like the company is anchored in the Curaçao history. The management emphasizes, that despite a local economy that poses major challenges, C3 continues to believe in Curaçao and its community. The company has a workforce of 20 people in Curaçao and a total of 32 staff members spread over Aruba, Sint Maarten and Colombia. Two years ago, Curaçao Growth Fund decided to invest in the company. Justus Martens and Erik Baas, of the fund, are convinced that C3 has a huge potential to further grow and offer critical communication and its services throughout the region.

Quality and professionalism
Services offered by C3 are crucial and unique. When communication needs to be guaranteed in case of calamities, under difficult circumstances and in difficult locations, only the C3 TETRA network offers a safe and reliable solution. When the life of the citizen depends on it, the so-called ‘critical communication’ is required. C3 is proud to offer their services to the public and security sector, including the police, the fire department, the ambulance services, the hospital, security companies, etc.

For now, C3 will continue to improve its services and take it to a next level. This year the organization will focus on deepening its customer relations and further improvement of its product. The TETRA network will soon be completely renewed and improved, so that coverage and reliability will be even better. As an authorized dealer of, among others, Motorola for the Caribbean Netherlands, C3 will be able to deliver the latest applications, which in particular also enable the combination of voice and data (LTE). This year, C3 will introduce a Quality Assurance Management department that will focus on quality policy and ISO certification. The new office with its central antenna will serve as a command center for the network. And the sales and support activities of C3 in Northern South America will be further developed from its offices in Colombia and soon Panama. For more information about  the Curacao Growth Fund at www.curacaogrowthfund.com 

C3 moved to new Bogota office

The C3 office in Bogota, Colombia, is focusing on the distribution, pre- and post-sales support of Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom and Public Address solutions for Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

As a leading provider in Critical Communications over IP, the Vingtor-Stentofon brand is the proven and preferred audio and data communication choice for environments that require the protection of human life, property, assets and/or the management of critical activities.

Thanks to the support of our Partners and Clients the C3 office, which was formerly located at The Holland House, has expanded the Commercial and Technical Operations in the region.

For this reason and being aware of the great challenges and business projections of 2018, it is a pleasure to announce that C3 (Critical Communication Intl and its subsidiary C3 Colombia); has moved her office in the city of Bogotá D.C., Colombia; located at 93 Street No.19 -55 Office 7-126 We Work Building. In this building we will have open areas for work sessions, meeting rooms, space for concept testing and training for our Partners and Clients.

Just a few blocks from Parque de la 93, this location occupies nine floors of a newly renovated building in one of the most exclusive places in town. Visiting our office is made easy with both Transmilenio and local bus stops nearby, bike storage and parking are both available.

Our Spanish and English speaking personnel is looking forward to meet you in this exclusive office location.

More info on our office at Cowork

Zenitel on board Worlds First Discovery Yacht

Scenic Eclipse is the the World’s First Discovery Yacht and the first ocean cruise ship from Scenic

Scenic Eclipse is the the World’s First Discovery Yacht and the first ocean cruise ship from Scenic.

The vessel is set to be finished in August 2018, and its first season will include The Americas, Antarctica, Europe and the Mediterranean, and the Artic and Fjords. The Australian company Scenic is the owner and the Croatian shipyard Uljanik will build the vessel.


  • Intercom equipment (Telephone system, Talk-Back, PAGA – Exigo)
  • Lan Network design and equipment delivery
  • IP CCTV system
  • IPTV and SAT TV antenna’s
  • UHF Paging system


Rohill to Upgrade C3 TETRA Network

The modernisation of the C3 TETRA Network will exist of a replacement of hardware of base stations to the latest generation TETRA carriers, as well as a complete transition to TetraNode Industrial.

The modernisation of the C3 TETRA Network will exist of a replacement of hardware of base stations to the latest generation TETRA carriers, as well as a complete transition to TetraNode Industrial.

Rohill has been awarded for the upgrade of the C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) TETRA network, the existing mission-critical TETRA network in the Antilles operated by Critical Communications Caribbean (C3), formerly known as Zenitel Caribbean. The C3 TETRA network, formerly known as the Chuchubi network, is operational since 2004 and will now be modernised to continue secure mission-critical communications for several clients in theDutch Caribbean, such as emergency services, prisons, customs and coastguard. The renewal of the network will commence in the first half of 2017.

The C3 TETRA network is a digital radio system that connects Curaçao with Bonaire, Aruba, St Maarten, Anguilla, Saba and St Eustatius. It is a TetraNode TETRA network especially developed for professionals who have to rely on their communication equipment. The redundant network is designed and built to operate under heavy conditions, during power failures, storms, flooding and extreme high usage.

The C3 TETRA network has base station sites on several key locations on all islands. The radios work on one network, which means that all radios can contact each other anywhere on the island. The C3 TETRA network today serves over 8.000 demanding customers with mixed clear, encrypted and end-to-end encrypted communications.

The modernisation of the C3 TETRA Network will exist of a replacement of hardware of base stations to the latest generation TETRA carriers, as well as a complete transition to TetraNode Industrial. Beside this, geo-redundancy of TETRA switches will increase network resilience in cases of for example a flooded switch location or lightning strike.

The migration of the network will commence in the first half of 2017 and is scheduled to be completed the first of July 2017.

Bert Schreuders, Managing Director of C3, states: “The Rohill solution perfectly fits our needs and is very favourable because of the lower initial investment, lowest cost of ownership over the next 10 years and the fact that the solution is future-proof through interaction with LTE. On top of this, we will benefit of a risk free phased migration. But most of all we will benefit of the TetraNode knowledge already available, as well as our longstanding relationship with Rohill.”

Harry Muter, Chief Operations Officer of Rohill, comments: “We are proud for being awarded this project for the renewal of the C3 TETRA network. We are extremely pleased to continue our long-term cooperation with C3 and to build with C3 the best-in-class TETRA network offering reliable mission critical communication to its users, with coverage throughout the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

See more at:
Rohill website

C3 signs agreement with Obersi Electronics Bonaire (Dutch)

Op 1 januari 2017 zal Obersi Electronics haar radio netwerk op Bonaire na 31 jaar trouwe dienst overdragen aan C3, dat voorheen bekend was als Zenitel Caribbean.

C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) tekent overeenkomst met Obersi Electronics Bonaire

Op 1 januari 2017 zal Obersi Electronics haar radio netwerk op Bonaire na 31 jaar trouwe dienst overdragen aan C3, dat voorheen bekend was als Zenitel Caribbean.

Sinds Alvin Obersi in 1986  een samenwerking met toenmalig Radio Holland begon, heeft Obersi Electronics haar klanten altijd vakkundig en met vol overgave bediend. Inmiddels is Obersi Electronics een instituut op Bonaire.

C3, onder leiding van een oude bekende op Bonaire, Bert Schreuders, zal dezelfde service blijven bieden vanuit het kantoor van Obersi Electronics aan de Kaya Grandi in Bonaire.

“We zijn erg blij dat we de samenwerking met Obersi Electronics kunnen voortzetten, en tegelijkertijd nu ons radionetwerk op 7 eilanden in eigen beheer hebben. Wij zullen als specialisten in ‘mission-critical’ communicatie de service aan de klanten op Bonaire verdiepen, terwijl Obersi Electronics zich zal toeleggen op haar andere producten en services”, aldus Bert Schreuders, Managing Director van C3, die daaraan toevoegt: “Sinds de overname van Zenitel Caribbean door het  Curacao Growth Fund in het begin van 2016, gaat het uitstekend met C3. We hebben net onze rebranding naar C3 achter de rug, zijn bezig met een volledige netwerk upgrade in de Caribbean, bouwen een nieuw hoofdkantoor in Emmastad, Curacao en doen investeringen zoals hier in Bonaire.”

C3 is de regionale leider in het aanbieden van mission-critical oplossingen en een geautoriseerd Motorola distributeur. Er werken 30 mensen vanuit kantoren in Curacao, Aruba, St Maarten, Bonaire en Colombia.

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