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New year, new office!

WILLEMSTAD: For the past 80 years, C3, formerly known as Zenitel and Radio Holland, offered communication solutions that are of great importance to the public sector. The organization continues to grow and is continuously expanding and improving its services. Not only in Curaçao, but also in Aruba, Sint Maarten, the BES islands and Anguilla, where C3 has its own TETRA network; but also in the rest of the Caribbean and the northern region of Latin America. According to director mr. Bert Schreuders, the organization is very grateful to its customers, who have trusted Zenitel and later C3 (Critical Communication Caribbean) for the past eight decades. According to Schreuders, "Many people still have to get used to the name change from Zenitel to C3. But the expertise we offer the customer and the heart we have for what we do is intact. That’s the best we can offer our customers in exchange for their loyalty. C3 continues to grow and our clients will further grow with us." New Year, New Office Management and staff are extremely excited about moving to the new C3 office on the Margrietlaan in Emmastad. Thanks to the central location of the new office building, C3 is easily accessible; and for the first time has a workshop of its own, where the installation of equipment can take place. The new office also has a technical wing that was created especially to better serve the client. Architects from Contemporary Design Curaçao and Babranis have done a fantastic job in designing a modern building for C3- located on a prime location in Emmastad; this neighborhood, just like the company is anchored in the Curaçao history. The management emphasizes, that despite a local economy that poses major challenges, C3 continues to believe in Curaçao and its community. The company has a workforce of 20 people in Curaçao and a total of 32 staff members spread over Aruba, Sint Maarten and Colombia. Two years ago, Curaçao Growth Fund decided to invest in the company. Justus Martens and Erik Baas, of the fund, are convinced that C3 has a huge potential to further grow and offer critical communication and its services throughout the region. Quality and professionalism Services offered by C3 are crucial and unique. When communication needs to be guaranteed in case of calamities, under difficult circumstances and in difficult locations, only the C3 TETRA network offers a safe and reliable solution. When the life of the citizen depends on it, the so-called 'critical communication' is required. C3 is proud to offer their services to the public and security sector, including the police, the fire department, the ambulance services, the hospital, security companies, etc. Future For now, C3 will continue to improve its services and take it to a next level. This year the organization will focus on deepening its customer relations and further improvement of its product. The TETRA network will soon be completely renewed and improved, so that coverage and reliability will be even better. As an authorized dealer of, among others, Motorola for the Caribbean Netherlands, C3 will be able to deliver the latest applications, which in particular also enable the combination of voice and data (LTE). This year, C3 will introduce a Quality Assurance Management department that will focus on quality policy and ISO certification. The new office with its central antenna will serve as a command center for the network. And the sales and support activities of C3 in Northern South America will be further developed from its offices in Colombia and soon Panama. For more information about  the Curacao Growth Fund at 

C3 Bogota

C3 moved to new Bogota office

The C3 office in Bogota, Colombia, is focusing on the distribution, pre- and post-sales support of Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom and Public Address solutions for Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

As a leading provider in Critical Communications over IP, the Vingtor-Stentofon brand is the proven and preferred audio and data communication choice for environments that require the protection of human life,

Zenitel on board Worlds First Discovery Yacht

Scenic Eclipse is the the World’s First Discovery Yacht and the first ocean cruise ship from Scenic

Rohill to Upgrade C3 TETRA Network

The modernisation of the C3 TETRA Network will exist of a replacement of hardware of base stations to the latest generation TETRA carriers, as well as a complete transition to TetraNode Industrial.

C3 signs agreement with Obersi Electronics Bonaire (Dutch)

Op 1 januari 2017 zal Obersi Electronics haar radio netwerk op Bonaire na 31 jaar trouwe dienst overdragen aan C3, dat voorheen bekend was als Zenitel Caribbean.

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